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If a thought is not accepted as true and it is denied of your attention, its illusion dissolves in the light of your awareness.This is the wisdom of clear seeing, undistracted by weeds of the egoic mind.

- Brian Thompson

How do you see your world?

  • Do you want to have a better life experience than the one you are currently having?
  • Are you having the same negative situations happen over and over again with no understanding of why or even how to change your life for the better?
  • Do you battle with feelings of fear, self-doubt, anxiety and stress?

Even if you have realized that you are creating your life, you seem to just keep creating more of the same. You may have read many self-help books, been for counselling, or received excellent advice, but just cannot seem to effect positive change in your life. The problem you have is that your life is directed by your subconscious programming and belief systems. No matter how hard you consciously go about thinking the “right” thoughts, if it is conflicting with your subconscious mind you will not overcome it.


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You are powerful. That power is unleashed by your capacity to choose what to believe and how to see things.
- Gina Lake

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Transform sabotaging behaviours, limiting beliefs, inner conflicts and negative emotions that are holding you...

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Forgiving is really about letting go of thoughts that make you feel miserable. It is not about condoning actions...

Inner Freedom Programme

You have the same problems coming up in your life over and over again and can’t seem to overcome them...

Your beliefs cause you to misperceive life. Once the lens of your perception is cleared of the beliefs that distort your vision, you can see life as it really is.
– Gina Lake

There is a better way of being in the world; there are higher levels of perceiving life that allow you to live from understanding, peace and joy. Let us take a look together.

  • How to stop recycling your negative emotions and thoughts.
  • How to change your focus and thoughts to what you choose to have in your life.
  • A transformed perception on how you see yourself and the world around you.

The coaching I offer is an insight-based learning which is designed to help you see and discover for yourself what is true and what isn’t. Whatever you learn via personal insight is yours for life – because you actually see it a realization takes place within you and no amount of rationalization or push back from the world can take it away from you.


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