Inner Freedom Programme

The Inner Freedom Programme will be beneficial to you if:


You have the same problems coming up in your life over and over again and can’t seem to overcome them

You feel stuck or even trapped in your problems and not sure how to resolve them

You notice the same issues haunting you in your relationships

You beat yourself up because you just can’t seem to get things right

You hold on to past hurts and feel weighed down by them

You worry about the future and feel insecure about your well being

You find yourself “carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders”

You continuously sabotage your own happiness by holding onto negative feelings from your past

Your emotions are easily triggered by your family or work colleagues

You feel like you just cannot get on top of things

Financial success continues to elude you

You lack the self-confidence to achieve your goals

You numb your feelings by over eating or drinking or watching excessive hours of TV each night

You feel not good enough or worthless

You judge and belittle yourself throughout the day

You believe that life is filled with pain and struggle

You are afraid of failure or even success

You feel unworthy of love, money or happiness

You believe that it is just too hard to eat healthy foods or drink plenty of water

You and your partner are at constant logger heads or no longer feel connected

You feel lonely and separate from others

You battle to focus or pay attention in your daily tasks

You feel stupid or incapable

You think, “No matter what I do I can’t win!”

You ever ask yourself, “Why me?”