Due to the confidential nature of transformation life coaching, I choose not to disclose my clients names with their testimonials. For further credibility please contact me directly.

I was depressed with no hope, I couldn’t see my way through my darkest pit. I was going through
so much pain and confusion and wanted something beyond therapy and anti-depressant that kept numbing my mind but increasing my pain. I was on my worst that I have ever been in life.
Now that I’ve done the program, I feel light. I feel alive and more enlightened about life than I have ever been. I feel empowered and confident in myself and life itself. I cannot start to describe the amount of knowledge I had acquired and realization of who I am. It feels like my whole life I had been in the darkest, vicious forest and now the rays of light shines through and lights the whole forest. With the tools I have acquired that will keep lighting my path and pass it on to my generation. This program is the best thing that can happen to anyone. The BEST thing that has happened to me.
The patience, the giving in Tracey is out of this world. I will keep her as my guardian angel my life. Tracey’s guidance help you go beneath and beyond your normal expectation. She became my light in the dark. Her knowledge, professionalism, punctuality had taken my heart and will always live within me.

Before starting the programme, I was stuck in a very negative headspace and felt as if I had been dealt with a bad hand of cards. I had a very strong “victim” mentality, where I blamed others for MAKING me feel bad or hurt. I took no accountability for my own part and how my own thoughts and opinions of myself led me to believe in what they were saying. I also realised how judgemental I was, without realising how often and how easily it came to me. I saw myself trying to correct close family members on topics I had taken upon myself to force onto them on what was “right” or “wrong”.

During the programme, I became aware of these things, and I started taking ownership and responsibility of my beliefs. I still have a long way to go in terms of letting go of all my pre-conditioned beliefs, but I now see how powerful my mind is in cultivating my life experiences.

Tracey is brilliant at what she does! Her method in introducing a different way of thinking makes you realise certain things for yourself, which helps you stay motivated and wanting to change for the better. She was patient with all my questions and made me feel really comfortable, where I could be honest with her (and myself) in order to get the best results for this programme.

Before doing this course, I was totally depressed, full of self- pity, angry, fearful, disappointed, let down by the people I cared for and loved. I had no zest for life.

Now I feel free and I have no regrets. No feelings of disappointment, no anger, I am not afraid. My mood has totally lifted up.

The tools and the lessons learnt during this course has really changed my way of thinking. I am happy, I have started to sing and dance and have so much of brightness on my face that I have been getting a lot of compliments too.

Tracey is fantastic. She has a lot of patience, is very efficient, very polite and on time. She has good teaching skills. Her notes are very clear and easily understood. She builds a good relationship with u and checks on u even after the course which is a good support system. Thank u so much Tracey for coaching me in looking at life differently. This course has changed my way of thinking and in turn has given me a new lease in life.

Before the programme I was heavy and struggling in relating to people. Now I am feeling like a freer person. I feel lighter and relieved but still have challenges to resolve with the tools I have learned. Tracey is a warm, welcoming, spiritual person who challenged me to do my work. Thank you, Tracey, for welcoming me in my vulnerable situation and picking me up. May God bless you and your helping people with your giftedness that God entrusted you.

Love and my prayers for you and what you do. (It is a vocation indeed).

I have noticed positive changes to my mental health since I started letting go. This is amazing for me because my mind is clearer and less foggy; I can focus on things that matter most.

Before the programme I felt as if my life was in a downwards spiral that I had no control of. Everything felt heavy and I struggled to find the energy to just get out of bed in the morning. I felt weak and like a victim of my own life, every day I would hope for my circumstances to change.

Now I feel much lighter and happier. I know that I am a powerful person who has control over my life. I know that my reality does not equal my truth and I am finally back on my journey to find my own truth. This course has helped me immensely in ways I did not expect, it has given me the greatest tool, being able to help myself.

Tracey is such a wonderful person; she is both caring and professional. I felt safe with her as my coach and that was very important to me. Her win – win approach is truly amazing. I can honestly say that her course has changed my life and helped me to see and break unhealthy patterns that I was perpetuating for a long time. I would strongly recommend her course for anyone who feels as if they are struggling in their life.

I came for life coaching because I was angry and believed the world and everyone around me owed me an explanation or an apology. I was always the victim and always ready to defend myself no matter who got hurt in the process. I was walking around this life in zombie mode not fully present and aware of my thoughts, my actions, or my surroundings. I have been on a journey that has opened my eyes to who I AM. This programme helped me wake up and be conscious of myself internally in ways that are true and pure. It helped me understand my emotions and their true purpose for me in this life. It feels like being made to see something and now I cannot unsee it and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I can without a doubt say that I am in a much better position now than when I first started this programme and it’s because I made a decision and choice to do the work. Tracey is phenomenal. On a coaching level she is very professional, organised and structures her sessions precisely. She pays true attention to her client’s needs and really helps you understand the truth of why you are where you are at this point in your life and how to wake up and take your control back. On a human level she is warm and welcoming with an amazing sense of humour. When in session you can be sure you will retain a lot of information because of her coaching style which I can only describe as true and genuine. Tracey really connects with you in a way that you will be able to understand and she will always be honest with you. I couldn’t have chosen a better coach to work with and I honestly believe my path was destined to find her at some point in my life. You won’t regret coming to her for help.
The programme changed my life drastically, I am now able to engage life from a different perspective and I have never been so present. Everyday shows what I have to be grateful for and I am now able to take on new challenges without hesitation or fears. Living life in my presence is the biggest change I have inherited from this programme. The reason for me reaching out to Tracey was because my fears and anxiety were spiralling out of control. I had become so consumed with all my beliefs that I lost faith in myself because of it. Growing up I had always wanted and wished for storybook fairy tales but my expectations in people were always too high which then left room for me to always feel let down. I had been running myself down and allowing people to run all over me, I had become a “sheep”. I felt weak, I was having uncontrollable panic attacks and I had become fearful of life. Since completing this course, I have regained control of myself, I now live life for me. Every day brings new challenges and now I am willing and ready to deal with them. If you put in the time you definitely reap the benefits, I won’t pretend that after this programme I am living my best life but it definitely has giving me the tools to get there and just be at my true self. I am very happy with the results this program has given me. Tracey is a very kind person and it wasn’t easy for me to go back into the world without her. I am so grateful to her because she allowed me to feel whole again. She passed on life fundamentals that I will always hold close to me. She will always be my go-to person. I will always be thankful to her.
When I started the programme, I was like someone walking on two roads and not knowing which one I am on. But now, somewhere within myself the seed has sprouted. I can feel its movement and I can sense it’s energy. Within myself the rainfall has reached me and my desert has gone, my dryness has disappeared. My coach to me, you are the light that lightened the deep darkness. You are a listener not with ears but with a heart. I found you, as a woman, to be very deep in understanding another person, in particular, helping me to understand the beauty in myself when I thought I had lost everything about myself.

I did a life coaching programme with Tracey because I was filled with anxiety because a lot had started resurfacing due to past traumas that hadn’t been dealt with. I just wanted peace. I am not one to take medication because I feel like it gives you temporary relief and I was looking for permanent peace. I was ready to overcome my past traumas. Since doing this programme I am more aware and pay attention to my body and mind. I am on the road to letting go of all the beliefs I have that are steering me away from truth. I have learnt some much about myself through this programme and I am so excited to get back to my true self where the peace is. I am truly grateful to Tracey for the tools she has given me to let go of the beliefs that are causing me to continue living as my false self. Tracey is such a happy soul who I appreciate very much. I absolutely loved seeing her because she’s all about helping people help themselves and that’s what I wanted and needed. She is really loving and so down to earth.

I used to be full of anger and judgement. I was always anxious and I took everything personally. I lived a life of fear and I held on to the past. I was scared to try new things because I always thought about failure. Now I am excited about life and what it has to offer. I have learnt to let go of the beliefs that have held me hostage for a very long time. I am learning to let go of the past, one day at a time. The anxiety has subsided and I feel so much calmer now. I am no longer scared to go out there and live my best life. Tracey is very friendly and welcoming. She is patient and she puts things into perspective with her teachings. I like the fact that she doesn’t spoon feed you, she lets you do the work and is always ready to assist should a challenge present itself.

I came for coaching because I was anxious, reactive and emotional. It has helped me become calmer. I am now able to see situations of conflict clearly and deal with them calmly. I am now also very in touch with my thoughts, beliefs and the manner in which the external world affects me. Tracey is brilliant. Professional and caring but totally empowering. She opened my mind to many things and I see the world very clearly now.
I was looking for a solution to my persistent and overactive mind knowing that I need to address my unrest but not entirely sure how to do so. After doing a life transformation programme with Tracey I now have clarity and understanding on how the mind and body works and when used in the correct manner how I can change my life for the better. I have direction now and can start to redirect my future in a more positive way. Tracey is easily relatable and speaks from experience to show how the techniques and principles can be applied to everyday life. She is very understanding and her kind nature is able to handle varied situations and topics in a non-judgmental and safe environment.
Before I started my transformation life coaching program, I could not concentrate on my business at all. I felt useless and was not confident. I was not in control of any of the situations in my life. Since doing this program I am confident, relaxed and feeling carefree. I take on every situation that is thrown at me and am able to make clear decisions. Now I am looking at many business ventures and I am at peace in my life. I was at a place that seemed to have no recovery yet after my third session with Tracey I could already feel change happening in me. Trust in her methods and the road ahead is clear.
I would recommend her coaching to anyone looking to understand themselves and the world a bit better and to get to grips with whatever issues you are having trouble with. Tracey has an uncanny way of explaining deep, complex matters in a very easy to understand way so that you can discover your own inner self. I would recommend Tracey and Clear Seeing Transformations to anyone looking to improve their lives.

Before the programme I was not fully aware of the root of my emotions (positive and negative), how my subconscious mind and emotions controlled me and how they affected my reality and perception of reality. I was easily triggered and had a victim mindset and the worst part was I thought I was not a slave to this manner of functioning! Now I am far more aware of my thoughts and emotions, how destructive some of it can be and am actively taking control of my inner world and happiness independent of outside circumstances. I am far happier, self-confident, controlled and not easily triggered because I can now confront what I am aware of. The practical steps and tools taught, the direct hands on approach and heart to heart application of these skills, the level of insight to the individual core of a human being is truly life transforming and has considerably increased my emotional intelligence. I have a better non-judgemental understanding of myself and the way and the why I interact with the world. Tracey is passionate about what she does and works hard at individualising coping strategies that empowers her student to take life by the horns and enjoy it. She is real, dynamic, highly intelligent yet approachable to break it down at the root. Definitely a life changer!

The reason for doing this programme was that my daughter was preventing herself from living her life. She was frightened about simple activities. She has fear of people laughing at her if she does not do something correctly. She could not sleep out and I would always have to collect her. The anxiety would take over. My daughter has just completed the 8 sessions a week ago and already I have seen some major improvements. She has sleep out with no anxiety. Also, she is trying to do things that she never did before even if she feels that she is not doing it perfect. I think this can help as she moves on in her life with all the various emotions and I am so happy that she can have these skills. Tracey was lovely and my daughter enjoyed her sessions, she felt safe and able to communicate freely.

Before the Anger Therapy programme, I was full of rage and bitterness for the world. I wished bad things on people who hurt me. After completing this course, I am now free from my built-up self-hate and rage. I feel different towards those who hurt me. I have found inner forgiveness for myself and I am able to let go of my negative feelings that I held onto so tightly. My coach, Tracey was amazing. She always made me feel safe and comfortable during my sessions. And I could relate to her as she is so down-to-earth.

The coaching programme had a positive impact on me and my life. I am able to see things from different perspectives. I have learnt how to not let the smallest of issues cloud my judgment and to overthink situations. I have learnt the skill of living in the now. One of the most significant parts that have helped me to be positive is being grateful for what I have and the people that surround me. By waking up every morning and showing gratitude to the smallest of things that I usually passed by I am now more aware and awake. Tracey is delightful. She pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you fight yourself to be better. To be honest there was a point that I completely disliked her and never wanted to complete the programme until I went back to realise that everything experienced in the programme is part of the transformation process. If you looking for a friend and someone to vent to find yourself a psychologist, if you want to be told the truth and you are ready to look the truth in the face and see yourself for who you are, meet with Tracey. She transformed the way I think forever and I am eternally grateful.

I am more aware of my thoughts and emotions. I now can set intentions when I go to situations and am able to stop and check what I’m thinking. I am more joyful and am in control of myself and what I choose and how I choose to react and respond. I am getting better a just having short outbursts of anger and am no longer seeing black when I get angry. That is from the realization and learning that whatever happens is through my perceptions and filtering. Using the Accept/Allow technique has greatly helped me! I am much more cheerful and embracing. Even my close friends and family have been saying I’m glowing. I feel amazing and empowered. I am very excited about my life at this point. From Coming for Anger Therapy my whole life has changed! Tracey is very professional, warm and knowledgeable. I think she is great and easy to open up to with no judgements which was a biggy for me. Her coaching skills are great and I love the fact that she coaches and makes it clear that “I have to do the work”. The transformation won’t happen if I don’t do the work and that is liberating!

I am much grateful for meeting Tracey Kennedy and having her as my life coach. In a time of immense depression in my life, Tracey has taught me so much through her programme that provides so much valuable knowledge, tools and techniques that allow you to be so self-empowered and be above the deepest and hardest situations. Thank you, Tracey.

Tracey really guided my 9-year-old son in his self-development this year. He has grown over the last few weeks in his broadness of thinking and is always in high spirits when talking of his time with Tracey. Thank you greatly for your love and patience with our special boy and for the dedication you have displayed in your process which has helped us as a family unit in growing together in a healthy and more mindful way. Our family has been stronger because of this course and we look forward to our son achieving his goals with confidence and happiness.

My coach Tracey is such an amazing person who I am so thankful and grateful to have met. From day one I felt such warmth and acceptance from her which immediately made me feel so comfortable to even share my deepest secrets with her. Tracey really changed my life around by giving me the tools necessary to lead my own life. Her fun and casual approach makes you look forward to the next lesson and what else you can learn to have a better life. Her broad knowledge and life lessons helped me understand the programme in an easy and relatable way. Tracey really is a wonderful coach and would not hesitate to think twice about going back to her should I need a refresher lesson or two for peace of mind. Tracey really did bring peace to my mind and I now know what to do in order to maintain it.

Clear Seeing Transformation has really made a great impact on my life, I could immediately feel the changes that I was making in my everyday life. Clear Seeing Transformation helped me find the root cause of my emotional trauma from a young age all the way to adulthood and we worked on these issues, made peace with them and let them go. I was taught many techniques to motivate myself and believe in myself as well as how to deal with day to day issues in the appropriate way. I am glad to say that I now feel complete, I do have a clear vision of myself and my future. I have let go of my emotional baggage and looking forward to a prosperous future ahead. I am more determined now than ever. I have set goals that I am working on and my overall happiness can be felt by all I am in contact with. I am in a much better space now doing things that I love doing and having fun just enjoying life to the best of my ability. I am doing things and making decisions for myself and not for others as I am not in control of how others perceive their happiness. I feel good about myself; I feel proud that I have went through some dark times and have come out on top. Things can only get better from here!

I highly recommend Tracey as a life coach. Working with Tracey was a life changing experience. She helped me to reach new heights and finally succeed long-standing goals. She is extremely personable and has the ability to connect with her clients quickly and to begin work with them at whatever stage they’re in at the time. She is trustworthy, always encouraging, and a patient and insightful guide through life experiences in pursuit of goals and dreams. She also offers good value and high integrity. Her techniques allow your strengths to be realized, your journey to be appreciated and a greater sense of purpose to be obtained. I was so pleased at the structure and focus of each session. She’s the complete package, focused, reflective, practical, productive, and supportive.

I knew I wanted to take this journey but finding the right person was paramount for me. It took me 6 months before the universe brought Tracey into my life, quite unexpectedly. My first session with Tracey was like meeting a kindred spirit. That Tracey had walked this road herself and had dug deep allowed her to facilitate my transformation with authenticity and deep care. I felt immediately that I could trust Tracey and those 2-hour sessions became a safe space for exploration and growth. This was by far one of the best investments I have ever made and I’m forever grateful for Tracey’s wisdom and practical advice.

I feel better and far more in control than ever before. Tracey and her words and encouragement keep popping up in my head and I am so grateful to her. With her help I have realized so many different things and thoughts I held as important are actually not important at all. I have stopped beating myself up so much and I give myself a lot more breaks than before. Who knew looking at pictures and visualizing your desires and writing down your daily blessings could make such a difference? For all of this I thank Tracey. And for giving of herself as she does. It is changing someone’s life.

This program has shown me that there are no shortcuts, you must take the time to dig deep and work on yourself. A lot of the exercises made me uncomfortable, but I learned some valuable lessons and tools that has already worked for me but that will also empower me in my life ahead. I think the most important lesson is that “I am responsible”, for how I think, act and experience the world around me. It is a hard lesson to learn but it is also liberating and very powerful to know that I have the power. I learned various techniques on how to hold on to my power and deal with situations or people in a much more positive way than what I would have done 10 weeks ago. The mere fact to let emotions and thoughts surface, be aware of them and then let them go has proven very effective. I have a young son and I’m glad I had the opportunity to undergo this transformational coaching session with Tracey whilst my boy is still small. What a privilege to be able to teach and guide him in these self-development skills. I remember, during my discovery session, telling Tracey that sitting around talking about my feelings really feels like a waste of my time. I can now with confidence say that I agree with her; It is a worthwhile investment to make. Thank you Tracey! From our first interaction through the discovery session, to the end of the 10-week course, Tracey was really such a wonderful person to chat to. I have on numerous occasions told her that I think this is voodoo and that I’m not so certain that this stuff works (I used different words though). Tracey has throughout the course said that I shouldn’t just take her teachings as gospel, but rather experience it for what it is and then decide for myself – the truth will set you free. Tracey spent the first few sessions talking about how the brain works, passing on a lot of literature on how the conscious and subconscious mind works, making sure that I understand the baseline concepts. Before she started a new technique, she would take the time to explain how it works and what I could expect and then gently moving into it. Tracey also took the time to share her personal journey with me and allowed me to talk about a lot of “unrelated” topics. Tracey is very professional in her dealings with clients which shows through in her sessions and in the feedback e-mails, which are there before I get home, as well as the upcoming session reminders. She showed a real interest in my growth and some of my other interests. She went so far as working in additional techniques that would assist me in these other activities.

This life coaching programme impacted my life with positivity, accepting, forgiving, happiness, loving and permanent smiling. Tracey helped me change my mind accepting energy. When I first got to Tracey I did not understand how negative I was with my thoughts due to my company terminating my services. After my last session with Tracey I left the Company with a big smile and loving feeling. Tracey changed my life. She is someone who always welcomed me with a big hug and warm smile I will highly recommend Tracey’s life coaching sessions they will definitely help.

This course taught me the importance and power of the subconscious mind. It taught me the importance of using feelings and emotions to uncover wrong thought patterns and beliefs and change the root belief. It also taught me the importance of the acceptance technique which is useful for everyday life situations. It has changed my perspective and awareness on the power of the mind and that we have control of the mind. My coach was wonderful. Very warm, friendly, engaging, supportive, encouraging, organised and communicative; in a non-intimidating way, in a comfortable environment.

My coaching programme with Tracey Kennedy was the solution to my prolonged pattern of neglecting my wishes, and scurrying around pleasing everybody else, by trying to keep the peace in the family in the “daily struggle” of caring for my husband with advanced dementia and a farming business. It gave me techniques of how to let go of the past and to reset my subconscious mind and to be more in control of my life and to realize my value. I found Tracey Kennedy a very approachable, warm, switched on confidant with complete understanding of my situation, and my needs. She never tired of repeating anything and of bringing me back to these new techniques of self- help she teaches. She gave me a new lease on life by making me enlightened. Thank you so much Tracey, I should have done this a long time ago, but it is never too late – I am 61!

This program has had and will continue to have a profound impact on my life. Years spent trying to understand the way my mind works and coping with a lot of chaos and hurt led me to break point and I was desperate to find some meaning and get some answers. I knew about many of the concepts covered in the course but had never had the ability to really put them into practice and fully understand them. It is not like other courses or self-help books where you are fed a lot of info and then go off and forget most of it within days, wasting time and money. There are proper steps in place to almost force (in a very good way) yourself into doing what is necessary to help actually help yourself! Tracey is very articulate and a wonderful person. She is kind and firm at the same time and very committed to her client. She is always organised, very much in control of things and hugely competent in what she does. Her style is upbeat and she gets the message across well. She has a great sense of humour and is a genuinely caring person. She does want you to get the full value out of your time and money so she will expect you to meet her half way. She is simply great. I am looking forward to my next course.

This programme is very informative, enlightening and would definitely allow me to look at life in a more positive way. Tracey was excellent and tried her best, and went the extra mile in compiling extra material for me to assist with my current situation.

This coaching is having a very positive impact on my life, and I feel this is just the beginning. The course has helped me release long-held beliefs and emotions that were no longer serving me and freed me up to become a better, more loving version of myself. It has also furnished me with the tools to continue to do this work now that I’ve completed the sessions, which is really a huge benefit to me. It has helped me become aware that I can CHOOSE what drives my life and how I feel, which I think is just wonderful! Tracey is an awesome guide to learning the lessons and processes in this course and always finds a way to put the subject matter across so that I can best assimilate it. She shows patience and much love and understanding. Tracey is very passionate about the course and the content that she is communicating, and I can see that she truly believes in the lessons and how they will benefit me.

I arrived at my coaching with insecurity and a feeling of why I am not good enough. The sessions were informative and had a huge impact on my belief system. I knew I started to grow from my first session. I have left feeling confident and I have a new empowered mind-set. Tracey is easy going, organised and great as a coach. She is passionate about what she is doing and I am very privileged to have had an opportunity to be coached by her. Thank you so much.

This programme has helped me see the positive in myself and the outside. It freed me from my negative thoughts and talking down to myself. It also made me more aware of how I speak and think. Tracey is so helpful and warm. She really wanted me to succeed and always had a positive way of looking at the world. She was human and coach at the same time.

I started this journey to help me with my anxiety and stress. I felt like my life was being ruled by my anxiety and even though I felt like most my anxiety was justified I was tired of living in fear and stress resulting in insomnia. This programme is phenomenal in terms of how I noticed my stress levels come down and helping me tackle issues in my life from another perspective which aided my ability to cope. I myself feel more at ease, sleep better and it is noticeable as I am getting compliments on how relaxed I look. This programme also aided me in dealing with situations that would usually result in my temper being activated; I feel like I can now stand back in a situation and not react from anger but rather from a rational place. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to take part in this course as it has met my expectations and helped me with exactly what I needed. Life changer. I really enjoyed Tracey as a coach; she is approachable, down to earth and passionate about what she does. She is open and honest and has a good instinct on what her clients need. I have recommended her to others and will continue to do so.