The Inner Freedom Program will be beneficial to you if

You have the same problems coming up in your life over and over again and can’t seem to overcome them

  • You feel stuck or even trapped in your life
  • You notice the same issues repeating in your relationships
  • You beat yourself up because you just can’t seem to get things right
  • You hold on to past hurts and feel weighed down by them
  • You worry about the future and feel insecure about your well being
  • You find yourself “carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders”
  • You continuously sabotage your own happiness by holding onto negative emotions and memories from your past
  • Your emotions are easily triggered by your family or work colleagues
  • You feel like you just cannot get on top of things
  • Financial success continues to elude you
  • You lack the self-confidence to achieve your desires
  • You numb your feelings by over eating or drinking or watching excessive hours of TV each night
  • You feel not good enough or worthless
  • You judge and belittle yourself throughout the day
  • You believe that life is filled with pain and struggle
  • You are afraid of failure or even success
  • You feel unworthy of love, money or happiness
  • You and your partner are at constant logger heads or no longer feel a healthy connection
  • You feel lonely and separate from others
  • You battle to focus or pay attention in your daily tasks
  • You feel stupid or incapable
  • You think, “No matter what I do I can’t win!”
  • You ever ask yourself, “Why me?”
  • Stop your sabotaging behaviours, release your false beliefs, resolve your inner conflicts and overcome your destructive emotions.
  • Let go of the critical self-talk in your head so you can create happier outcomes in your life.
  • Heal your negative, reactive emotions so you can live from a place of inner peace and joy.
  • Bring your your mind and body back to its truth so you move forward in life and instead of continuously living the same nightmare on repeat.

Allowing great things into your life is a choice YOU make.

This is a 16-hour program that releases beliefs and resolves emotions in every area of your life.

This Program Covers:

  • Gaining clarity on who you are and what you truly desire
  • Achieving those desires
  • Powerful Questions to help you see your life experiences more clearly and uncover your limiting, false beliefs
  • Transforming understandings that leave you feeling supported by life
  • Clarity about how your mind and emotions work so you can live with awareness and be the leader and creator you came to be
  • Helps you clear away mental patterns that keep you stuck, trapped and depressed
  • Resolves all your inner conflicts leaving you feeling peaceful and content
  • Emotional intelligence- be in control of your emotions instead of them controlling you
  • How to let go of false beliefs and judgments so you experience true freedom
  • Getting back to realizing and living from your True Self
  • Self-assurance, self-love and self-confidence

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