What being human means:

Human beings are feeling and thinking creatures. We live in the feelings of our thinking.  That means we are actually experiencing our perception (thoughts, opinions, ideas, conditioning, interpretation etc.) of the world and not the reality of the world. So if we are feeling unhappy about a situation we think that if we just change the situation or person (the outside world) then we will feel better.

The first step to master this life is to understand and learn exactly how our mind works.

The second step in transforming your life is to let go of all the unprocessed and unresolved negatively charged emotions like anger, sadness, hurt, fear, doubt, guilt, anxiety, frustration and depression that are lodged in your neurological system and are holding you back and controlling your life.

Understanding the mind


The mind is comprised of two parts, the conscious and the subconscious. The subconscious mind is about 95% of your mind whereas the conscious mind only about 5%. So for most of our waking state our minds are operating mostly on autopilot through our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind stores all of your memories, emotions, beliefs, habits, behaviours, values, conditioned programming and instincts. The subconscious mind is also stored in all the neurons of the body that are found in every single cell of the body. So when you have a lot of unprocessed, unresolved, suppressed negative emotions like anger, frustration, sadness, fear, hurt, doubt, hate, shame, anxiety and guilt they will have a negative impact on your whole body as well as your mind. They can actually cause unwanted behaviours and even diseases.

The good news is that the mind can be reprogrammed and the brain rewired. Science has recently proven that there is plasticity to our brains and neural networks, so neurons and neural pathways can change and be reformed. Quantum physics has also proven that everything in existence is made up of energy and energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed and changed. Thoughts and beliefs are also energy and have a creative ability.

Conscious choice is required to re-programme the mind as well as a relentless willingness to let go the negative conditioning. You can take back mastery of the mind because the mind is an aspect of you that you can use as you choose to. In other words, you have a mind, it does not have you.

Feelings are the effect of our thinking, not evidence that our thinking is actually true. Emotions and feelings are therefore a gift that brings our attention to the programmes that are not working for us. They make us aware like a GPS system of what negative life patterns we need to deal with. Emotions and feelings speak louder than the limiting thoughts we have so they can get our attention far better. We can only change the behaviours and results in our life when we are aware of what is blocking us and acknowledge its existence within our minds. So by living more consciously, we can experience more inner peace and joy in our lives. Conscious living is a choice we make. We are not victims of this life- we are truly empowered in this life. If you have had enough if you are “gatvol” of the misery, frustration, unhappiness, stress and anxiety that has been in your life… it is possible to change your life experience. It is possible to disrupt the continuous sabotaging patterns you have been looping in.

It is a matter of bringing you’re limiting beliefs to the light of awareness and letting them go once and for all. As your coach, I will assist you in this work. There is a seeing that needs to take place within you which no one else can do on your behalf. You can face your sabotaging thoughts, acknowledge them and so free yourself from them. I will hold a gentle and focused space for this unfoldment of your inner transformation.

Even if you realize that you are creating your life, you seem to just keep creating more of the same. You may have read many self-help books, and you may have had counseling, or been given the right advice, but something is still missing. The problem you have is that your life is directed by your programming and your belief systems. No matter how hard you consciously go about doing the right thing, if it is conflicting with your subconscious mind it will never work.

Your perception is your projection- How we see and experience our outer world is determined by our inner mental conditionings and beliefs. We can only create in the outside world what we believe in our inner world. To have better projections we need to raise our level of inner consciousness. So what we perceive the outside world to be is a direct result/reflection of our internal state/world of perception. Our perception creates our reality (what we project) which then returns to us just as we perceived it. If we are continuously judging or labeling the outer world we will get back more of the same. We are more powerful than we realize. We can change our perception and therefore change our reality.

Your beliefs create your reality- beliefs are mental concepts and ideas that we think over and over again so that we come to accept them as the truth. These beliefs influence how we perceive and experience our reality. Beliefs are thought patterns that run constantly in our subconscious mind and are continuously creating our experiences. All experience is filtered through our belief system and reality is interpreted by these beliefs which results in us experiencing life as we believe it to be rather than how it is. We get so attached to our beliefs that we think we are our beliefs. However, they are only ideas or notions in our minds and can be changed. By deleting limiting beliefs that no longer work for us and creating new empowering beliefs that align with the life we choose for ourselves we literally change the reality that we experience.

The fact of the matter is that YOU get to choose what thoughts you have! Are the thoughts and beliefs you have serving you or not? If not, you have the ability to let them go and install more empowering and loving beliefs that serve you better.