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  •  Allow yourself to shine and see yourself as deserving of the respect of others
  •  Love yourself and finally feel good enough about yourself just as you are
  •  Learn to simply say “thank you” when receiving a compliment
  •  See your mistakes as lessons or even signs of progress
  •  Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on your progress instead of how others are  doing
  • Stop dwelling on failure and on all the ways things could go wrong
  • Value yourself and communicate better with other people with confidence to express your feelings, likes and dislikes


What are the signs of a low self-esteem issue?


  • You’re indecisive. Given your choice of anything—vacation destinations, menu items, careers—you freeze, assuming that whatever you select will wield horrid consequences of angering, disappointing or hurting others or yourself
  • You fake it. Afraid and ashamed of exposing your true self to the world, you hide behind masks, hoping to “pass”  as acceptable by others. This lends your life a sense of inauthenticity, putting you in a perpetual state of performance anxiety
  • You deflect praise, you can’t handle it. When praised, you argue, explaining in agonizing detail how and why your would-be praisers are incorrect because you are unable to accept compliments. Your second impulse, just as fierce, is to suspect each compliment of being a sophisticated joke, an insult in disguise
  • You’re hypervigilant. No gesture, word or blink escapes your raptly terrified attention. You compile it all as evidence that you are a failure, disliked and/or doomed
  • You have great difficulty inhabiting the present moment. Regretting what you’ve done and fearing what you’ll do, will send yourself seesawing back and forth between past and future, and never being present in your life
  • You give up easily. Certain that you’re always wrong and will always lose, you never stand up for yourself
  • You plead. Believing that you merit no kindness, decency or respect and that your fate rests in the hands of others who can judge you as harshly as you judge yourself, you turn even the simplest requests into desperate, self-abasing pleas
  • You aim low. Always predicting your own failure, you set low targets for yourself. This keeps your predicted falls less steep
  • You are a chronic comparer. You compare yourself constantly—and unfairly—to everyone you know, see or even hear about. Guess who always loses?
  • You puncture your own fun. Believing you deserve no happiness, you flood with dread at the first spark of joy. You can’t enjoy yourself when you are thinking: This can’t last. What will go wrong? Do I look fat in this?
  • You apologize for living or are overly apologetic
  • You claim everything is luck
  • You buy things you don’t actually like
  • You check your phone for non-existent messages
  • You’re condescending and/or put people down
  • You can’t say “No”
  • You blame others- the inability to accept responsibility is a tell-tale sign of low self-esteem
  • You are reluctant to take on challenges and tend to hide in your room with social withdrawal
  • You are reluctant to put yourself first or anywhere
  • You are reluctant to trust your own opinion
  • You expect little out of life for yourself
  • You have anxiety and emotional turmoil
  • You have a lack of social skills and self-confidence
  • You have eating disorders
  • You have an inability to see yourself ‘squarely’ – to be fair to yourself
  • You accentuate the negative

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