Full Life Transformation Programme

Transform sabotaging behaviours, limiting beliefs, inner conflicts and negative emotions that are holding you back from living the life you envision.


Delete the negative self-talk in your head so you can create positive outcomes in your life.


Collapse your negative, reactive emotions so you can live from a place of inner peace and joy.


Re-programme your mind and body with new, empowering beliefs that propel you forward in life and that help you get unstuck in order to achieve the outcomes you desire.

The Programme Covers:


Eliciting your personal values

Goal Setting and Achieving System

Powerful Questions to help you see your life experiences more clearly and uncover your limiting core beliefs

Transforming life principles that leave you feeling supported by life

Understanding your Subconscious Mind so you can live with awareness and be the one creating your results consciously

Setting New Focus Filters (What you focus on expands)

Inner Conflict Therapy ™- no more feeling so tired from all your internal conflicts and fighting

Negative Emotional Therapy ™- be in control of your emotions instead of them controlling you

Delete Limiting Beliefs- and rewire every cell in your body to work for your highest good

Install New Empowering Beliefs- so that your behavioural changes are permanent

Anxiety Eliminator- live from peace and contentment

Boost your Self Love and finally value and accept yourself

Start Taking Action

Transform your Self-Image and gain self-confidence

Allowing great things into your life is YOUR choice.


It is a 16- 18 hour programme that transforms beliefs and emotions in every area of your life.

It is advisable to complete your programme within two months. Once a week sessions of two hours in duration is a recommended option.